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Trailer for ERNtourage Episode 28 featuring my new girlfriend, Jessica Marie! Coming out this Sunday, April 15th 2012 at

This is lost footage from way back in 2008. BFF was emceeing Sharlene and Joel’s wedding when we decided to sing a few songs with our band Cliff and Jeremiah.

This is a video of me and Kevin Varias, collectively known as our real fake boy band “BFF”, performing at Jack and Marlene’s Wedding. We sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “What’s My Name” and “Forget You” at Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto. It was an honour emceeing our good friends’ wedding and even more fun singing in front of them.

This is my set from The ComedyWorks in Montreal. I had a lot of fun performing in another province, which ended up being a great crowd. Big thanks to everyone that came out to the show, and my cousins that let me crash at their place while I was there. Thanks to Eman and Jimbo also, for giving me a spot. I look forward to going back in a couple of months, and riding my favorite Megabus lol

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