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In episode 4 of ERNtourage, Comedian Ernie Vicente talks to people with costumes on for Halloween

This is my new show on youtube. It’s called ERNtourage and basically it’s me talking about stuff with other people. This is the first episode and I talk to my roommates. Enjoy!

This is my performance from Sunday at Kenny Robinson’s Nubian Show at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto. It was my third appearance on the show which was also my favorite set to date. This show capped off a great weekend for me as I had just came back from taking the Megabus from my friend Jack’s bachelor party in Montreal. It was a packed house as always, and I had so much fun on stage. Big thanks to Kenny Robinson for letting me on the show and also putting on a great show altogether.

This is my set from The ComedyWorks in Montreal. I had a lot of fun performing in another province, which ended up being a great crowd. Big thanks to everyone that came out to the show, and my cousins that let me crash at their place while I was there. Thanks to Eman and Jimbo also, for giving me a spot. I look forward to going back in a couple of months, and riding my favorite Megabus lol

Big show this Friday April 29th at The Second City in Toronto with special host UFC’s Mike Goldberg.

Email me for my $25 tickets!

BFF returns this weekend to perform at Marites and William’s wedding. For those of you who don’t know, BFF is a real fake boy band that was created in the Summer of 2006 in a cottage in Parry Sound. It started off as a bunch of guys that sang slow jams to girls for fun. But became serious when Kevin and I were asked to perform at Ron and Damaris’ wedding in 2007.

The featured video is our first BFFisode called The Wedding Story, which was made as our intro video to show a fictionalized version of how Ron and Damaris met. We played it at the wedding reception and when the audience started laughing, it was at that moment that made me want to pursue stand up comedy. If it wasn’t for BFF I doubt that I would be doing stand up comedy today. I’m looking forward to performing this weekend at seeing our fans the BFFgroupies again and at a venue that we have history with also. Congrats Marites and William!

Last year, I was given the chance to work on a television show called “Say Vat?” for CMRTV. It was a variety show that featured many different segments including comedy sketches. Featured, is our first sketch “Man Date”. It was so fun filming and working on this show. Big thanks to Thurka, who brought me aboard and exposed me to the other side of the industry. I’m currently working with some of the actors/writers from the show, Allan and Arujan. We’re working on some new projects so stay tuned…